We were recently asked to justify our claim that the Wall Of Sound is genuinely a different mix of music. Well it's a tricky one, but we thought it deserved explanation:

Most radio stations have strict guidelines dictating what they can (and indeed can't) play; modern commercial stations have to keep up with the current music output and use prioritised playlists, the content of which is often influenced by parties outside the station. Then there are the themed stations, who usually follow a specific genre - all 80's, all 60's, all rock etc. Local community stations generally have a limited playlist and focus on locally produced music ...






There is of course nothing wrong with all these approaches, but we are free radio, meaning we have no restrictions or outside pressures dictating what we play and when. The #WallOfSound isn't actually a playlist, it's simply a collection of what we feel are the best-of-the-best tunes from the last 50 or so years - rock, pop, jazz, dance, reggae, punk, blues, if it's a top tune you'll find it in the Wall Of Sound and we guarantee it will have you reaching for the volume knob! 

The Wall Of Sound currently starts after One Love Breakfast at 10am, and plays throughout the day until live shows start in the evening. We sometimes decide that we fancy a couple of hours of 80's, or Rock back to back, and being free radio, we can do that. Best of all, there are no irritating presenters jabbering over your favourite tunes so it's perfect for the office, shop, or simply pottering at home - your All Day Music Companion. 

Best of all, you will soon be able to shape the soundtrack to your day by choosing your favourite Wall Of Sound tunes which will then be added to the play queue.


Give it a try and let us know what you think, you can tune-in right here on our website (where you will also find our data-friendly stream for listening on the go), on iTunes, via the Tunein Radio app, even on our Facebook page by clicking the Listen Live tab.