Pirate Nation is owned and operated by a group of ex-community radio volunteers, music lovers and radio enthusiasts. Three founder members started the project during the second half of 2014 and the crew now number some 20 'pirates', each and every one involved for their love of radio and/or music.

As we aren't a community station or a charity, we don't have the benefit of grants generally awarded to these groups. So far the project has been funded entirely by its members, which has required a great deal of 'outside-the-box' thinking but has resulted in what we feel is a unique station - our philosophy is simple: Make great radio and have fun.

The management team:

Richard Niblett: Captain

Richard Smith: Tech support, business management and presenter - The Dreadnought

Steff Barnet: Social media support and presenter - Handbags & High Heels

James Hyden: Bussiness support and presenter - James Hyden & Friends

Terry Starr: Admin support and presenter - BowStarr Selecta

Ivan Jackson: Tech support and presenter - Hotbears Showtime

Presenters: Crew:

Ian Pinkney: Lea Grove & Jazz Club Matt Kelway: Tech support Lucy Smith: Business Support

'Apprentice' Joe Evans: James Hyden & Friends (co-presenter) Adrian Langdale:

Tom Bowley: BowStarr Selecta (co-presenter) Gary Neal:

Rob Silverton: James Hyden & Friends (co-presenter) Russ Owen:

Rachael Kelway: Chatty Girls Steve Seaton:

Jen Hillyard: Chatty Girls Andy Treweek: